Michael Phelps – Rio 2016

Michael completed his Rio Olympic run is grand style.  After coming out of retirement in 2014, he went on to win titles at the 2015 US National Championships and Winter Nationals.  At the 2016 US Olympic trials in Omaha he qualified for several events.  No other American swimmer has ever won Olympic qualification events at his age let alone go on to medal at the Olympics.  After leading the USA athletes onto the field as flag bearer during the opening ceremony, he continued his leadership by inspiring the US Olympic Swim team to dominate their events in the pool.  He personally added 2 individual Gold medals (200 Meter Individual Medley, 200 Meter Butterfly) and a Silver (100 Meter Butterfly).  He went 3 for 3 in his relay events helping his teams take home 3 Golds (4×100 Meter Freestyle, 4×200 Meter Freestyle, & 4×100 Meter Medley).  Already the most decorated Olympian coming into Rio, the 31 year old Phelps now has a ridiculous medal count that outpaces many countries.  What’s even more impressive is that the majority are Gold (23 of 28).

Although Michael shows no signs of slowing down he did announce his retirement while at the Rio games.  He said he may go to Tokyo in 2020 but only as a spectator.  As Michael Phelps fans we all will be hoping he reconsiders.